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This contest is now closed.

Use your collections to impact artisans like Cynthi
Your collections impact artisans like Cynthia Danquah

Judging is now in progress!

Our mission at NOVICA is to impact the lives of as many artisans as possible, giving them access to a global market that will ensure they succeed in their craft. The judges of this contest will be looking for a curator that holds this mission close to their hearts, while possessing the following traits…


You are highly creative, with a fantastic handle on color matching, and image placement. You use the mood image library extensively, and you practice creative cropping of mood images to achieve a look and feel that will inspire others to desire the artisan treasures in your collections.


Impacting as many artisans as possible with your collections should be how you roll! Dig deep and promote unusual items from little known artists to have a profound impact on as many people as possible. But don’t sacrifice quality for quantity! Your collections will also need to stand out if they are to have any effect on your artists.


In order to be impactful, it will be important to make your collections relevant to the current trends in jewelry, home decor and clothing. Explore as many niche product categories as you can, crafting the contents into dazzling collections that inspire and delight your viewers.


You name and caption all of your collections with meaningful text, highlighting a cause, theme or story. Perhaps some of your collections are based around books, movies or style trends? You are always dreaming up interesting ways to present unusual product types to the world.


You will have completed at least 30 collections, spanning multiple categories and themes. You return each week to make new collections and you participate in our regular mini curation contests on facebook. You have a fully completed profile, along with a picture of yourself.


Through the creative use of the share option in your collections, you achieve a large amount of "likes" for each of your collections, and your gallery enjoys many followers. You are also following, commenting and liking other people’s efforts within your curation community.